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Westend Cooperative Urban Thrift & Credit Society Ltd.

The Society was established in the year 1986 and has successfully completed 27 years of service to its members.

  • The main object of the Society is to promote the Savings habit of the members and to grant loans to them for useful purposes with an ultimate aim of improving the living standard of the members.

  • The Society continues to progress and offers to meet the expectations of the members, true to the Cooperative tradition and spirit.The Society is registered under the Multi-state Cooperative Societies Act and Rules.

A Glance at out Features.
  • Management

    The Society is Governed by Elected Board of Members.

  • Members

    Any Person who is Introduced by an Existing Member Only Can Become Member of This Society

  • Loans

    The Maximun Amount of loan Can be given to any member is currently Rs.2,00,000

  • Future Planning

    Normally a amount of Rs. 200-/ is Recoverd as Compulsary Deposit.

The Society is very prominent Society of Delhi and hascompleted 27 Years of it's operations...

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